Thursday, February 18, 2010

Night out with twinniez!

Went out with twinniez last night :) After 3 months, we finally meet up! 3 months! can anyone beat that! Lol. Despite not meeting each other for so long, there's no tinge of disfamilarity. Lol..we were so happy to see each other and started talking non stop once again! We are supposed to shop at Ion, Orchard Central and 313, but we ended up talking for 3 hrs+ at the eating place and shop for only 15 minutes before going home! I miss her a lot!!!

Thank you twinniez for being such a great friend of mine :) *hugs* We went through the same phase of transition and thank God that we are there to comfort and encourage each other! And with you, i can really laugh 3 hrs straight and not realize that time passes so fast! We shall jiayou and do the best in whatever we are doing! And we must meet up more often le! :) I love u twinniez! Thanks for the listening ear, encouragement and the fun! with you, we can turn all our chou2 shi4 into the comedy. keke..*Muacks*!

(we din get to take any pic ytd!! roars!! lOl)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Happy Chinese New Year friends! :) Hope you have an awesome time eating all the junk food, collecting hongbaos and visiting your family! :) My first day was spent at home because all my paternal relatives came to my house from afternoon onwards! It was such a crowd. More and more kids running around in my house, jumping & rolling on my bed, banging on my piano. (Oh my!) Anyway, I used to be so excited over all the junk food and i would eat non-stop at home, 2 weeks before and after CNY.. i think it no longer attracts me that much now..=X favourite is still pineapple tarts and bagua!!! =DD

This year's CNY is a bit special bcoz I went to dear's house to bai4 nian2. Lol..not really bai4 nian2 because i went on new year's eve. I was still nervous even tho i went a few times within the mth alr. Actually..he comes to my house much more often than i go to his house and I think he's much more sociable than I am, hence he can make friends w my family and friends much faster and easier. For me, i take some time to warm up to new faces:) Then, he came to my place on new year's eve and to my aunt's house on day 2. LOL. my uncles and aunties already asked for him on Day 1 but he's at his granny's house. Hence, when he came over on Day 2, they really "grilled him" when we are abt to go home. haha! Same old questions like:

"Where are you working now?"
"How long have you known Myrna?"
"How long have you all been together?"
"How you all know each other??"

Very soon, dear and i will celebrate our 1st year anniversary next monday!! Oh my! Time really passes very quickly! And i really enjoy every moment spent with him:) When we first date, i'm not used to him and used to be v tensed up, prim and proper till he don't know what to do w me..I will just "hmm okie. yup." lol..same for him ok! He used to be very zheng4 jin2 whenever we go out..and our conversations are proper and intellectual one. sometimes i also dont' know what to say or reply and i will feel so stupid! roars! But as we start to hang out more, all my "unusal prim and proper-ness" wear off and i bet he starts to regret LOL..i started to be my own self, sprouting my nonsense. dear does the same thing to me also! pei4 he2-ing me in this area:)

We din get to meet this Vday (CNY DAY 1) due to our family commitment but.. I received his love! :)

It was delivered to my place even before i woke up and my bro & mum woke me up with this in front of me! :) It reminds me of last year..whereby dear sent a bouquet of flowers to my hse on vday as well..but he called me even before the flowers arrived! LOl. so funny! but that time we weren't officially together yet! hee.. i used to say that flowers are a waste of money and I do not like flowers AT ALL....tsk tsk my bad. can i take back my words? haha i think receiving flowers from dear makes my day! Dear told me that that flowers are expensive and not worth it but as long it makes me happy, its worth the $$. *Muacks*! So dear, keep giving me flowers ba! heh. :)

Anyway, just a side note, my blog entries are just going to be my memory collection, shout-outs, daily events and thoughts..:)

Btw, really miss my Twinniez! Had a good conversation with her the other night and if not for her mum reminding us that it's past 12am already, we would have talked till the next morning! We had so much to catch up and i can't wait to meet her up this week!:) *muacks*

And I miss Twin! Even though we will see each other in cgm and svc, but we won't get enough of each other, so much to talk and update each other with! haha and i'm just sooOOOOo proud of her!:) Other than Pastor YK, boonkiat & Pauline, Twin inspires me a lot a lot! And she's just so fun to be w !lol..

And..some random thoughts..I went to Titus' cg friend, Huiling and Terence's wedding and every time i go for wedding, i will never fail to imagine how my wedding would be like next time. And..I have decided long ago that I want both twinnie and twin to be my bridesmaids when i get married!! And Huijuan to be the head of the sisters! LOL.

There are so many events in the past 1 month and there's so much to update! I shall do it tml or sth..since i have 9 days of break from work! This is my 4th day and 5 more days to enjoy! :) I shall go swimming on thurs, fri and sat :)

Monday, February 15, 2010


I have 9 days of CNY Break from work! woohooo! :) My collegues and i have been counting down to that! I think this would be a good break :) I haven't been blogging for 1 month and even if i did, it was a v quick and chop chop summary. At least i can have the time to do so within this 9 days! And...i'm so looking forward to Swimming! i haven't swim since i started work..and swimming is the only exerise i do..anyway..i will sit down for few hours within the next few days to do up my blog..have so much to update!!!!! But only some are meant to be published.heh:))

anyway...HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Cheers to Day 3!! :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Randomness. Time is precious!

Kenneth said I haven't been blogging for quite some times and yes! I wanna blog, a lot of things to blog actually. But because there are too many things to blog, i felt a bit lazy and resistant to do so! It has been a busy 2 weeks since i last blogged but its so good so far! :) went for quite a few outings and it is always good to meet up w good company of friends after a long day at work! haha I shall upload pics of the events and outings next time ya :))

Anyway, i work half day on saturday. Normally i would have something on on saturday which means i will only have sunday as my rest. I really look forward to today as i can finally go home early! I reach home around 3pm+! Normally i won't be able to see the afternoon sun except on sunday. While i was on train on my way home, i had a nostalgic feeling !Its exactly the same scene i had when i was in my secondary / JC days when i was going home in the afternoon after lessons. When i was in secondary 1, i often thought of what will i do in the future. At that point of time, Olevel is the most important thing and everything in my life and I never thought i could live past my O level because i don't know what to look forward to after Olevel. Those were the times when i felt the most hopeless and helpless. But God is really good. He gives us Hope, Vision and Dreams to run for! That makes life exciting:) Now looking back, I really love my life and I really appreciate all the things, feelings, emotions, challenges that I went through. These makes life more exciting, satisfying and fulfilling, isn't it? :)

Sometimes I will think of the silly things that my friends and I did when we were still schooling LOL.
Just like how my whole class of girls and I will cry like mad women in the toilet for no reason. when 1 cry, all the rest will cry LOL. our teacher is so scared that she postponed our chemistry test! We din do it deliberately de horz! And hence, we were well known as the crying gang in our level. And how my first bf and i went for our first few dates - i can't remember exactly where and what we did but i remember i practically became mute in front of him! too nervous and uncomfortable! =X ( But can be excused because I was only secondary one, small kid k! keke) and how my cca gang of friends ( in sec n jc) and i will go through all the thick and thin to organize camps, events and activities! And how we can get too stressed up because of that. Like..when we were the organisers for our cca camp, Grace and i would wake up in shock (in camp) when we reeived a phone call from zx, ml etc that something have to be done within a v short period of time. Both of us were too stressed that we zi4 ji2 he1 zi4 ji2 fa1 pi2 qi (vent our frustrations on ourselves), kicking the props in the middle of the track field at 7am! Lol! And how i unknowingly ba4 zhan4 ML's sleeping bag when we were supposed to share. I went to sleep first and had left half of the space for her but when she came, i was sleeping on the centre of the whole sheet that she had to sleep at the canteen bench! ( but that was undeliberated) =X anyway evil me! haha and there are sooooOOOOoo many silly memories I had with my friends and we would often dig out all these memories to have a good laugh!

The main message of this random entry is that :


And i really can't believe that i'm 23 this year!! OH MY!! It seems like yesterday that i was still Sajc girl! And it seems like the day before that i was secondary 1! :)

Hence, lesson learnt: Treasure my time now! Even if things get tough, it will surely go away and when i looked back, i can have a good laugh at it!

3 times in Joshua 1, God said, "Be strong and courageous!"

Yes, we need to. God knows that we will get discouraged at times, hence, He said that 3 times to encourage us :)

"Dear God, i pray that for the next 10 years, I will become a better person, someone who really knows your heart and do Your Will. And I pray by then I will be able to realize my dreams to do great things for you! Also, to have my parents + brother staying healthy and happy. To have love Titus more and more, to have lovely kids, to have good career and ministry:) But please please pleaseeeeeeeeee protect my face and body and do not let me age too quickly!! =X I can't imagine myself being 33."

Its 1 am already, good night!! :))

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy new year eve! :)

Saying goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010!!!! :))

2009 has been an awesome year!!! It doesn't mean that everything was perfect and in line with what I wanted, but it has been a year whereby I grow as a person :) It is also the transition year! :) Mainly..Relationship, Ministry and Work :)

1) Relationship

Needless to say, you all know that i'm attached right?? heheh..if that's a revelation to you, please look at the header banner above this entry! :) that's my dear dear..Titus Seow :) We got attached this year, 2009! Many people have asked me how we get to know each other, is it love at first sight? Actually not love at first sight (where got so romantic??!) but its more of like having good impression of each other when we were first introduced. We all met in school, at our annual school camp's fright night recce. It was 2007. I was going to be year 2 and he's going to be year 3 in the following semester. After which, we started msn-ing each other often..working together for nus chc ministry..studying in library together..and started giving each other chocolates...Lol. (thanks to Kenneth J. who taught him how to test water! roars!) etc..We din have a smooth path to getting attached due to some things..He waited for quite a while because i'm not ready and all..and FINALLY when we get attached..things were not smooth also..Coz i was super awkward having a guy comes into my life suddenly! I wasn't myself..din dare to talk much...din eat much coz i really chi1 bu4 xia4 even though i'm super hungry..(not of self-consciousness..but more of like..discomfort..heh) He was always very worried whenever I couldn't eat (coz eating has always been my hobby!) ..but thankfully as months pass..I become myself! praise the Lord..I do all kinds of rubbish and nonsense things with him and he's like, "HUh you weren't like that last time! You changed! =X" heh heh heh..Now you know my true colourssss....ROARS!

Thank God for dear dear in my life :)) He really dotes on me and is very gentle and understanding towards me:)

2) Ministry

2009 is also the year when i become cell group leader :)) This has been my dream for the past few years! Thank God that He brought me through. Even when i was a helper, it was challenging! haha..but thankfully, i have an inspiring and understanding leader, Boonkiat! Boonkiat is not only my leader, but my brother and friend :) I remember those times when I will email, call and meet him just to tell him certain things and he will be super patient towards me :) And he has helped me in so many ways. And without his help, i dare to say that i won't be the Myrna you see today. In a way..i'm brought up by him because he taught me so much things..and some things do not need to be say it out..but just live it out..and he really plays a very big part in my development as a person:) And i simply love N109, my cg! :)) They are awesome people and they taught me a lot of things! Even though we all have our differences..especially the huge age gap..but we are able to grow and learn together :)) I pray that God will set His anointing upon us and each of us will do things that we ourselves can't imagine:))

3) Work.
I started our my first job in 2009! I'm a noob and there's a thousand and one thing that i have to learn. I struggled as its a big transition being a student vs working adult. But one important lesson that I learnt when i started working is..Humility. I have to learn to humble myself and learn from my mistakes & weaknesses. I realized i have so many weakness whenl i started on my job. roars! Lol.. It is so right! How well we do at home will reflect upon how well we do at our workplace! For example, I'm an untidy person at home and sad to say..i brought untidiness to my workplace as well! =X And that day, i suddenly remember this saying, hence, i packed my room and when i go to work, i realized that being tidy is not that difficult at all! everything starts at home. Everyday when i go to work, I pray that God will be with me and I always remind myself that i need to exude spirit of excellence and improve on many areas that i'm weak in:)

I thank God for this year and i'm proud to say that it has been a fulfilling 2009!! :)

It is 1am now..i'm sleepy..and i have to work tml... will continue in my next entry...good night! Happy new year eve! :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

My december :))

Finally, i'm back to blogging!! it has been nearly 1 month since i last blogged! To think i used to blog almost everyday :)) December is an exciting month for me! So many events and happenings! Hence, here's some things that I did for the past 3 weeks!

Farewell for my most artistic and talented cg member! DAVID :) He just finish his Alevel and went back to china le. He composed over 50+ music pieces and i boldly say...he's SUPER TALENTED. His songs are very Jay Chou alike and he composed the band music as well!! All of us who had listened to his song compositions were stunned to the max! *thumbs up*! Not only does he composes well, he sings v v well too! And he can draw artistic stuff. A real talent!! :)

KTV-ing at Yongsheng's place! haha

Gathering of the NUS Peeps @ Fish & Co!

All thanks to Changhan who managed to organise this gathering within a span of 2 days! :))
Wedding of Clement and SiYi! Clement is our Nus friend !

W Peiyun:)

Dear dear! His shades, not mine! Lol

The sisters, Phoebe and Victoria :)
BK Zone OPM!:)
This will be the 3rd time i'm attending our zone's Overnight prayer meeting! For the last 2 times which I attended, i would say, the only sacrifices that i made is the cab fare. i can sleep as long as i wanted when i reach home. but for this time round, i still have to work the next day! haha but i really salute those working adults who start work at 8am, 830am. i start work 2 hours later, which means 2 hours more of sleep! It was awesome! It was my first time giving offering in the zone and my first time playing keyboard for 1 session! I was actually very very excited about playing for OPM! It has been in my wishlist all along since long time ago! :) 1 wish fulfilled this year! heh

10 Month Anniversary!! :)
Even since both of us started work, time has been a limitation to our patok-ing =X It can never be the same as when we were students. when we were in school, we can always study together, go town at any time whenever we are free, meet up whenever we want etc..but nono, not now! Now i understand the true meaning when pastor says that couples need to put in effort to keep the fire going!:) Even when we celebrate our 10th month anniversary few days ago, it was only a 45minutes meet up after my work. After which i gotta go for ldr's meeting. Feeling unsatisfied, i went to his void deck after meeting to find him LOL. The initial intent is to surprise him but end up, mission FAILED terribly! He knows. roars! I'm determined to improve on my ability to give dear surprises!

Eton & Labrador Hostel Befriender's programme! :)
My zone friends and I has been meeting up with the PRC students for the past week! It was awesome to know this bunch of students :) They just reached singapore 1 week ago and we brought them to ECP to have a time of fun :) We also went down to the hostel to conduct the "Eton/ Labrador Hostel got Talent"event! Hundreds of them came for our Christmas drama and i really hope they enjoy it! :))

This year's christmas is the most physically tiring one. LOL. We have worked so hard and truly, God is faithful!! :) It is fulfilling to see lives touched and we wanna keep on keeping on! After attending Christmas Eve's service last night, honestly..I'm quite tired already. I have been rushing to places after work for the past 1 week. And i din get to see dear dear was a bit sadden that we couldn't count down together. =X As i was on my way home, dear has been sms-ing me to ask me about my whereabout and whether i have safely reached home, i only suspected a bit, but din have the energy to think much. Hence, as i alighted from lakeside mrt and was walking towards the bus stop..i could see a man walking v closely behind me at the side corner of my eyes. I am very sensitive to this kinda thing so my "alert" alarm sounded immediately, and hence, i turned my head!!
Lol..i think he's better at doing this kinda thing:) I was really happy to see him! He sent me home and we counted down and exchange our presents for each other =D haha that commemorates our first Xmas as a couple together!
In another 1.5 hours time, Christmas will be over but the meaning of christmas will stay with me :) It's the day when Jesus Christ is born and because of Him, I am never the same again :) I love Jesus:)) He's the best present that I have received so far! :))
In another few days time, 2009 will pass and 2010 will come! 2009 has been an awesome year and in my next entry, i will explain why:))

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I have been updating my facebook status everyday and seems like i have neglected my poor bloggie. I just finish eating Fishball Kway Teow as my dinner and it around dinnneeerrr!!! In the company, my collegues, Jess, zoe, Dr Ma and I are called F4. We named it ourselves. Even when our boss knows! OMG so diu lian...when he send us email or sms that is directed to us, he will call us F4! LOl. Not fantastic 4 but FAT 4! lol..its such a contradiction in a way coz we're a weight & health management company but we really LOVE TO EAT! haha of coz, we try to practice what we preach, we eat healthily but still...we have lotsa stocks in our office...till Brian and Jacelyn was stunned by it LOL. Another reason for us being F4 is coz we always work in the team, whenever there's events, roadshows, 4 of us will always be tog to work hard & support each other! :)

I'm really blessed by what Pastor Kong shared Sunday. The most crucial revelation that speaks into my heart is this verse by someone, "Giving while living" I was like woahhh..very often, we, including me, had this limited mindset that "i'm too tired, too busy..I'm no time for anything..I'm just toooo occupied!" As pastor is sharing, i begin to understand within my spirit that I cannot live for myself. If i live for myself, its about me ME MEEE...then life is not meaningful anymore! Coz our eyes will just keep to ourselves and not look around to other people's need. :) After pastor laid hands on me, i just felt so lifted up! To me personally, the worst thing that can happen in my life is to have my heart not beat against the heart of Christ.. I'm looking forward to serving Him more, doing whatever i can to help others and contributing to the Kingdom of God. I have to admit, I'm physically tired, I'm busy, I've little time BUT I'm going to use whatever i have and do whatever I can to glorify Him! :) I have to be stronger than before:)

All in all.....