Thursday, February 18, 2010

Night out with twinniez!

Went out with twinniez last night :) After 3 months, we finally meet up! 3 months! can anyone beat that! Lol. Despite not meeting each other for so long, there's no tinge of disfamilarity. Lol..we were so happy to see each other and started talking non stop once again! We are supposed to shop at Ion, Orchard Central and 313, but we ended up talking for 3 hrs+ at the eating place and shop for only 15 minutes before going home! I miss her a lot!!!

Thank you twinniez for being such a great friend of mine :) *hugs* We went through the same phase of transition and thank God that we are there to comfort and encourage each other! And with you, i can really laugh 3 hrs straight and not realize that time passes so fast! We shall jiayou and do the best in whatever we are doing! And we must meet up more often le! :) I love u twinniez! Thanks for the listening ear, encouragement and the fun! with you, we can turn all our chou2 shi4 into the comedy. keke..*Muacks*!

(we din get to take any pic ytd!! roars!! lOl)

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